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      CVU Winter Sports Preview (girls hockey and gymnastics added)

      Williston's Old Brick Church Friday Night Concert Series with the Christine Malcolm Band.

      CVU Boys Volleyball Final vs Lyndon 03Nov18

      CVU Girls Volleyball Final vs Essex 03Nov18

      CVU Girls Soccer Final vs Colchester 03Nov18


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Al Frey

Al Frey Photography

I have been a photographer since the late 60's, starting in high school shooting black and white sports photos for the school teams and year book. Fast forward to the 2000's and after a "short" hiatus for college, family and a switch to digital, I began to shoot high school sports again. Shooting photos of my daughter and her teams this time. I followed her along to her college sports and started photo sharing with her teams which led to being published in school publications, requests for wedding shoots and other activities and occasions. I have continued to shoot local sports, the occasional wedding and have expanded my repertoire to include nature and happenings around my town. I have contributed photos to the local high school year book and been published in local (northern Vermont) newspapers. Continued requests for my images encouraged me to create my web site. Al Frey